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Document Uploads

Folder Assistive Technology (1 Files)
doc file Assistive Technology
Folder ChildFind (1 Files)
pdf file ChildFind
Folder Eligibility (11 Files)
pdf file Autism Eligibility
pdf file Deaf-Blind Eligibility
pdf file Deaf-Hard of Hearing Eligibility
pdf file Emotional and Behavioral Disability Eligibility
pdf file Intellectual Disabilities Eligibility
pdf file Orthopedic Impairment Eligibility
pdf file Significantly Developmentally Delayed Eligibility
pdf file Specific-Learning Disability Eligibility
pdf file Speech-Language Eligibility
pdf file Traumatic Brain Injury Eligibility
pdf file Vision Impaired Eligibility
Folder Evaluation (1 Files)
doc file Stewart County Referrals
Folder Gifted Education Program (3 Files)
doc file Gifted Continuation Policy
pdf file Gifted Evaluation and Eligibility
pdf file Referral and Process Chart
Folder Individual Education Plan (1 Files)
pdf file Individualized Education Plan
Folder Modifications Procedures (1 Files)
pdf file Modifications Procedures
Folder Parents (14 Files)
pdf file Child Find
pdf file Ga DOE-P2P Discipline Fact Sheet
pdf file GADOE-P2P IEP Fact Sheet
pdf file GADOE-P2P Initial Evaluations for Eligibility Fact Sheet
pdf file GADOE-P2P Reevaluations and Independent Educational Evaluation
pdf file GADOE-P2P Transition from High School Fact Sheet
pdf file Navigator Teams
pdf file P2P Informational Flyer
pdf file P2P Spanish Information
pdf file Parent to Parent Referral
pdf file Parental Rights Revised
pdf file Spanish Parent Mentor Brochure
pdf file Spanish Parental Rights Revised 8_2010
pdf file Transition from Early Intervention Fact Sheet
Folder Preschool Special Needs Program (1 Files)
pdf file PreSchool
Folder Referral Procedures for Stewart County Schools (1 Files)
pdf file Referral Procedures for Stewart County Schools.pdf
Folder Related Services (1 Files)
doc file Related Services
Folder Section 504 (2 Files)
pdf file Administrative Regulation
pdf file Procedural Safeguards
Folder Special Education Records (0 Files)